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AMADA WELD TECH sponsors the STORM Electric Motorcycle with battery pack manufacturing design expertise and technology

Laser and resistance welding technology used to produce swappable and modular battery packs that extend touring range and help adapt to road conditions

AMADA WELD TECH announces it is a major sponsor of STORM Eindhoven, a student-led quest to circumnavigate the globe in 80 days on the world’s first electric touring motorcycle. AMADA WELD TECH is supplying its battery pack manufacturing expertise and laser and resistance welding technology. Students are using the equipment and manufacturing facilities to produce unique swappable modular battery packs that can extend the motorbike’s touring range to about 500-600 kilometres per day, while helping to adapt the vehicle to differing road circumstances faced.

The STORM team

The team of more than 20 top students from The Netherlands’ Eindhoven University of Technology includes engineers with backgrounds in sustainable energy technology, mechanical, electrical and software engineering, as well as business and public relations. The trek begins in August 2016. It starts in The Netherlands, and then travels through Turkey, Iran, Turkmenistan, other central Asian countries, and China. After a crossing the ocean, the motorcycle will travel through the United States from Los Angeles to Washington, DC, and New York. It will then cross the Atlantic Ocean and travel through Paris and back to The Netherlands – all in 80 days!

“We are very excited to be sponsoring this project, and enjoyed helping the team of young and eager students develop the best design and select the right equipment and technology to overcome their welding challenges,”

said David van de Wall, Sales Support Manager for AMADA WELD TECH.

“We also hope to set up an event at our AMADA WELD TECH America facility in California to showcase our battery pack manufacturing expertise as part of the STORM Eindhoven around the world tour.”

AMADA WELD TECH provided its expertise to the team during the design and development of the batteries, leveraging its long-standing market leadership with battery pack welding solutions for electric vehicles. Student team members performed battery pack welding and assembly operations at the AMADA WELD TECH manufacturing campus in Helmond and received advice and guidance on site from experts in battery-pack. The students are using the PECO AWS3 resistance welding system to weld battery interconnections and the ML-2550 pulsed NdYag laser welding system for connecting battery slices together.

“We greatly appreciate the tremendous support AMADA WELD TECH gave us because the battery packs are central to STORM Eindhoven’s mission,”

said Bas Verkaik, who is in charge of external relations for the project.

“They helped us overcome our biggest welding challenge, which was attaching all the cells together without causing leaks. They were always available to answer questions and give us advice on issues both large and small. Their partnership is definitely central to our success.”



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