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Jupiter Resistance Welding Systems for multiple stranded wires

This Jupiter Resistance Welding system is developed for welding multiple stranded wires. It has a motorized wire compacting module and is the perfect system for wire compacting, copper wire welding, welding electrical coils and electrical motors. Using a pneumatic actuated weld head for high force enables a stable weld. Equipped with a motorized Y-system for parts movement, it allows for a forward product position for easy loading and unloading the parts.


Specifications Jupiter Resistance Welding Systems for multiple stranded wires

  • Weld process control by AWS3 - Advanced Welding System
  • Motorized wire compacting module
  • Pneumatic actuated weld head
  • Water cooled top electrode for the most stable process and longest electrode lifetime
  • Possibility for multiplexed weld heads for increased output
  • Light curtain for CE safety and operator convenience
  • Camera / lighting and monitor for part alignment
  • Bespoke product jigs with integrated water cooling
  • Integrated Weld Fume extraction
  • Data logging for all relevant parameters
  • MES communication to a central server
  • PLC control for ease of operation / programming and high reliability in the harshest production environments for years to come

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