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ESD Control Products

Inductive heating is based on the supply of energy by means of electromagnetic induction. A coil with suitable dimensions is placed close to the metal parts to be heated. A high or medium frequency alternated current flows through it and induces parasitic currents in these parts and the intensity can be controlled and modulated. The heating occurs without physical contact and only heats the metal parts being treated. The process is characterised as high-efficiency transfer without loss of heat.

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ESD Control products at a glance


When working with ESD sensitive products/components, it is essential that employees and workbenches are properly grounded to protect against electrostatic discharge. The most common ways of doing this are with wristbands, foot grounders and matting.

  1. The working surface is discharged using grounding products.
  2. To check the correct functioning of our ESD control products, AMADA WELD TECH supplies the required testing equipment.
  3. Ionization is used to neutralize charges on insulators required for processes and isolated semiconductors.

Heel grounder



ESD Packaging

ESD sensitive items should be transported and stored outside an electrostatic protected area stored in low charging, static shielding protective packaging. The primary functions of protective packaging outside the ESD protected area are to limit tribo-electric charging and provide shielding against electrostatic fields and discharges. The packaging shall be capable of providing charge drainage to EPA ground when brought into an EPA.