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“Batteries need strong connections - are resistance, laser and micro-TIG welding the best suited joining technologies?”

As a spin-off of our participation in the 60. Welding Conference, WELDING ENGINEERING IN THE AGE OF INDUSTRY 4.0, 16-18 October 2018, Sosnowiec, Poland, our welding specialist, dr. Marcin Alexy recently gave a lecture on joining technologies for battery connections at the Instytut Spawalnictwa in Gliwice, Poland.

Instytut Spawalnictwa is a leading welding research centre, offers advisory technical services, expert opinions, developing and qualification of welding technologies, certification, training as well as seminars and conferences.

Dr. Marcin Alexy: “The contacting of battery cells is very essential and technologically challenging step during the battery pack manufacturing. The goal is to achieve best weld joint without defects to enable high current flows. This requires high quality welding and joining process. A number of technologies is already well established respectively is typically used to solve most common applications. All three technologies offered by AMADA WELD TECH: resistance, laser and micro TIG welding are well suited for integration into production lines that may be either standalone or automated operation.”

Download and read the interesting article published in the Polish Welding Bulletin here:

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