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On your way to Precision Fair? Stop by Booth #196 for a look at some precision equipment – and a tasty treat

“Precision Fair 2018 will be upon us in just a couple of weeks, and I for one am really looking forward to it. The organizers are really focused on meeting the demands on systems and components posed by the latest miniaturization trends. AMADA WELD TECH is among the firms that will be there, presenting equipment that can help manufacturers trying to produce and assemble products to the highest quality standard”, says Enrico Klein, Area Sales Manager Benelux for AMADA WELD TECH.

Take the example of the MacGregor micro arc welding power supply with the new touch retract welding torch, a lightweight, handheld tool that allows easy manipulation of battery cans and tab materials in a bench-top production or R&D environment. The unit can also be mounted onto automation for full production. The touch retract welding torch can weld copper, nickel, and aluminium battery tab materials up to a thickness of 0.5 millimetres (mm) onto 18650 and 2170 battery cans. 

Another offering that gives manufacturers a high degree of process control and real-time data capture is the MacGregor DC2013-T precision closed-loop servo-controlled resistance welding power supply, which helps with spot weld verification and quality control. Fully closing the process loop on weld quality generation and verification within a single unit increases flexibility and reduces process and plant costs.

The Janome Systems JR3303 desktop robot we will be showing is a comprehensive package robot system that combines the highly rigid, high precision JR3000 Series robot. It has a camera, laser displacement sensor, and needle adjuster for precision dispensing on workpieces to create a machine vision system package. Part of the flagship JR 3000 series of multifunctional robots, the JR3303 offers structural rigidity for long-term, dependable use and a high speed tracking function for stability. With a maximum speed of 900 millimetres per second, the JR3303 is fieldbus compatible for easy inclusion in automated assembly lines and automated work stations. We will be demonstrating to anyone who stops by the booth just how powerful a tool the Janome robot is – by showing them how the JR3303 skilfully dispenses delicious chocolate. 

So if you have plans to attend Precision Fair 2018, be sure to stop by Booth #196. Along with the latest in precision equipment, you’ll be treated to some tasty treats.

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