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WL-P300A Laser Processing Workstation

WL-P300A is a Class 1 workstation optimized for black marking. Integrated with a picosecond IR  or fiber laser, it is ideal for making permanent, shallow, bacteria and corrosion resistant, machine-readable, dark black marks on stainless steel medical tools and devices capable of surviving autoclaving and other passivation processes.

Standard options include an XY table, rotary stage, cover gas module, fume extraction, bar code reader, and camera systems to tailor the machine to your specific processing needs.

Typical applications include banding on depth gauges, UDI barcodes and more.

Key Features WL-P300A Laser Processing Workstation

  • Bench top or floor standing options available
  • Fast and precise motorized Z-axis for easy focus adjustment (programmable axis optional)
  • Easy acces to parts and tooling
  • XY table (ooptional for step and repeat motion
  • Large viewing window for easy visual observation by operator
  • F-Theta 100 mm, 160 mm, 254 mm, and 420 mm lens options for marking various parts and sizes
  • Fume extraction port with flexible ducting
  • Compact, motorized rotary axis for processing cylindrical parts (optional)
  • M6 threaded hole pattern mounting base plate for easy part fixturing
  • Integrated with AMADA WELD TECH's industrially proven LMF Fibre Lasers (10-70 W)
Technology Laser Marking or Welding
Lézer védelmi osztály CDRH Class 1
Bemenőteljesítmény 90 -130 VAC - 180 - 260 VAC
Single or 3 Phase Single Phase
Size (L x W x H) - closed (871 mm x 847 mm x 1062 mm (34.3 in x 33.3 in x 41.8 in) - enclosure only974 mm x 847 mm x 1767 mm (38.4 in x 33.3 in x 69.6 in) - enclosure with stand
Size (L x W x H) - open 871 mm x 847 mm x 1484 mm (34.3 in x 33.3 in x 58.4 in) - enclosure only974 mm x 847 mm x 2189 mm (38.4 in x 33.3 in x 86.2 in) - enclosure with stand
Súly 90.7 kg (200 lb) -enclosure only113.4 kg (250 lb) - enclosure with stand

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