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AMADA WELD TECH showcasing precision laser welding and process monitoring equipment at EuroBLECH 2022

AMADA WELD TECH will be showcasing a variety of precision laser welding equipment at EuroBLECH 2022, stand (12-D02), taking place 25-28 October 2022, in Hanover, Germany. On display in the show’s joining, welding, and fastening sector will be the Jupiter series of modular systems for precision joining, the CM-D500A compacting module, the WM-200A Industry 4.0-ready networked resistance weld monitor, and the MM-L400A real-time laser welding process monitor.

Precision joining system platform

The Jupiter modular precision joining system platform on display can be equipped with all available AMADA WELD TECH joining process modules. Available in four sizes, making it highly adaptable to specific production requirements. Offering high quality and accuracy connections, the stable platform features a modular design configurable to all process components and modules. With an ergonomic system design and high-quality components, the Jupiter platform is designed for 24/7 continuous production. All models are equipped with a human-machine interface (HMI) with touchscreen for easy programming and standard safety features.

Compacting with high forces and high currents

Also to be highlighted is the CM-D500A compacting module, designed for wire and cable compacting with high forces and high currents. Ideally suited for copper stranded wire applications in the electronics, automotive, and battery industries. The CM-D500A is a plug and play, ready to install unit providing precise, fast and reproducible adjustment after electrode exchange. Featuring a compact design for easy integration into automated systems and a robust frame structure providing maximum stiffness, the CM-D500A features a centrally applied force and an advanced cooling system supports fast cycle times and long durability. The front-loading unit is available with several options, including double closing or single closing right/left.

Monitoring all aspects of the resistance welding process

Visitors to the show can also see the WM-200A Industry 4.0-ready networked resistance weld monitor, which enhances resistance welding monitoring capability, simplifying data capture, storage, and analysis on a networked platform. This weld monitor paves the way for next-generation artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithms to look deeper into the welding processes. Whether used as a standalone station or implemented in fully automated systems, the WM-200A enables users to collect large amounts of high-resolution data from the resistance welding process. The weld monitor can be analysed for product traceability, statistical data analysis, and equipment health. Data can be stored on a local on premise or cloud-based server and viewed and analysed from a remote location. In addition to the data analysis, the weld monitor also provides immediate feedback to the weld station by monitoring key aspects of the process and sending good/no good information to the process controller instantaneously during production.

IoT ready to network

The MM-L400A real-time laser welding process monitor captures high resolution waveforms of the weld process in the laser reflection, VIS, and IR wavelength regions, in addition to measuring the laser power. The monitor can also be networked. The MM-L400A features standard formatting and protocols to easily import in SPC, OEE, and equipment health programs. The data capture capability of the MM-L400A (and WM-200A) is the foundation for artificial intelligence and machine learning programs, including AMADA WELD TECH’s WELDXAI. These products will further advance the welding processes to the next generation.

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