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NEW Twin Module Servo Weld Head

Following on from the success of our servo-driven weld heads, MacGregor Welding Systems has launched the new TSH-80 weld head. With twin weld head modules, force and displacement monitoring/checking, this further enhances the MacGregor product range.

Aimed at the medical device manufacturer, for applications such as connections for implantable devices, fine wire welding and manufacturing of guide wires. Additional focus industries are aerospace, defence and electronic manufacturing, where parallel gap welding is used.

Having added force and displacement into the module itself, when linked to an appropriate smart series welder, further opportunities are opened up. Traditionally, manual work stations are more susceptible to operators setting forces incorrectly, resulting in lower-quality weld/products. Not anymore. Integration of the module into either cable-actuated or pneumatic drives means welds will only be triggered if the force is within the programmed limits. A cost-effective solution, without increasing system complexity, in lower-skilled manufacturing environments.

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  • 32BIEMH
    da 03/06/2024 a 07/06/2024

    Bilbao, Spain 


  • Euroblech
    da 22/10/2024 a 25/10/2024

    Hanover, Germany

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