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Process technology ideal for manufacturing interconnections in wearable device displays and sensors

AMADA WELD TECH announces the availability of several process technology options for interconnection of flexible materials used in manufacturing wearable technology devices. Available process technologies include hot bar reflow soldering, heat staking, ACF laminating/pre-bonding, and heat-seal/ACF final bonding.

From sports clothing that lights up at night or charges mobile devices, to drug delivery monitoring strips, to sensors that can analyse body functions – and communicate results to medical personnel – AMADA WELD TECH offers the right system for  small interconnections with flexible batteries or securing sensors positioned within the micron range.

Using the thermode technology as the heart of the hot bar system with precise temperature, force and process control, AMADA WELD TECH creates a robust and multi-functional platform for hot bar reflow soldering, ACF bonding, heat-sealing, and heat staking in wearable technology applications.

Recent system enhancements include development of lower cost systems that are now more accessible to the wave of start-up companies entering the growing wearable technology market. On offer is the newhorizon Hot Bar Desktop Series, a compact and flexible pulsed heat reflow soldering standard system for high quality connections. The fully integrated hot bar system uses a pulsed heat thermode technology for hot bar bonding applications requiring between 8-80 and 60-750 Newton force. Four standard, ergonomically designed models are available, with such optional features as linear slides and rotary tables. The systems can be customized to suit a variety of technical requirements configured to meet the customers’ requirements using optional plug and play modules. All modules are mounted on a robust frame construction.

Improved monitoring options are now available, providing the complete process control so imperative for the medical market. On offer is the new MG3 Premium Hot Bar monitoring system, which combines MIYACHI EAPRO Hot Bar know-how with MIYACHI PECO technical expertise – all in one unit. The MG3 Hot Bar measures force, temperature, time and displacement, allowing for continuous control throughout the entire process cycle. The compact and flexible process monitor offers part identification, data collection, data communication and process insight.

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