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Lasers in Medical Device Manufacturing: Stent Processing

Stents are tubular elastic structures made from metal or polymer, which are implanted into the human body to give support for tubular shaped tissues, for example arteries, the bile duct or oesophagus.

Wire and tubing are the most widely used materials for producing expandable and self-expanding stents.

Stents for vascular, biliary and oesophageal applications are often processed using laser technology; the accuracy and precision at an incredibly small scale that lasers offer is ideal for stent processing. When stents are manufactured from a tube or rod, laser cutting is commonly used to remove excess material and create the desired flexibility. For wire stents, the wires need to be joined, which is often done with a laser welder. The final step is trimming (snipping) the excess wire. This snipping of the wire can be done manually, but can also be automated with a laser snipper.

AMADA WELD TECH supplies all three laser systems: for cutting, welding and snipping for metal and polymer stents.