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Jupiter Advanced Laser Welding System for medical device welding

Our Jupiter advanced laser welding system for medical device welding is based on our largest modular platform and suitable for welding parts up to 1400mm long. This reliable production system is cleanroom compatible and suitable for several medical applications, such as welding stent placing devices, welding sensors, welding CCTV camera housing and more. Data logging and traceability according to FDA standards is included and multiple automation modules can be integrated upon request.

Specifications Jupiter Advanced Laser Welding System for medical device welding

  • 150W QCW fiber laser (1500W peak) for welding steel and Titanium
  • XYZ and rotary axis for welding long cylindrical parts (stents, catheters, hypotubes, etc.)
  • Accuracy standard <=20 microns down to <=2,5 microns for advanced drive systems
  • Baseplate and bridge/ gantry standard aluminum with steel. For increased accuracy granite versions available 
  • Aerotech motion stages, standard servo with ball screw. For increased accuracy linear motor stages are available
  • Product tooling with quick release functionality

Soluzioni personalizzate

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