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Jupiter Laser Welding System for battery tab welding

Our Jupiter Laser Welding System for battery pack welding is a semi-automatic production system for welding high-quality battery modules for applications like power tools, aerospace, military and automotive battery modules. It can be equipped with several lasers up to 1 kW, a laser weld head with fixed optics or a galvo (scanner).  Providing a motorized XY table and a motorized Z-axis, focusing on the parts and positioning of the parts is easy. Allows for battery modules about 300x300x300mm with typical weights up to 20 kg and is suitable for thin- to medium thickness battery tabs in nickel, Hilumin, aluminum, copper and brass (300 to 500 micron thickness upper limit dependent on material and design).

Specifications Jupiter Laser Welding System for battery tab welding

  • Fully enclosed laser welding system for battery tab welding
  • Class I, safe to operate in a normal production environment
  • 500W average power fiber laser in the Near Infra-Red (NIR) wavelength range
  • Manual operated front door for manual loading
  • Automatic operated side door for robot loading
  • Integrated Combustion Suppression unit (CSU) to safeguard the system and operator
  • Integrated downholder for maximum joint quality and process traceability
  • Outcoupling optics (laser weld head) with fixed optics or galvo (scanner)
  • Motorized XY table and motorized Z-axis for positioning and focusing on the parts
  • Integrated shielding gas delivery
  • Integrated fume extraction
  • PLC control for easy of usage and reliability in production environments

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