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Jupiter Resistance Welding Systems for sensor welding

By integrating our industry-leading weld process control, the Advanced Welding System of the 3rd generation (OP-AWS3-A), our Jupiter Resistance Welding System is perfectly suited for welding high quality automotive sensors, actuators and safety related components. The standard configuration for this type of applications includes pincer weld heads, a multi-position rotary table and weld force & stroke measurements.


Specifications Jupiter Resistance Welding Systems for sensor welding

  • Weld process control by OP-AWS3-A - Advanced Welding System
  • Heavy duty weld head & transformer for welding electrical highly conductive parts
  • Optional pneumatic or motorized actuated weld heads
  • A 3-position turnbatble for loadin parts, weld position & automatic unloading
  • Integrated weld fume extraction
  • Data logging
  • MES communication
  • PLC control

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