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Fume Extraction

Many working environments today, including soldering, adhesives, welding and laser applications, create particles and gases that can be harmful to the workplace and the environment. It is important to use the correct safety equipment to remove these hazardous substances. Fumes contain complex and dangerous molecule structures. Particles of different shapes and sizes can be found in smoke.

Fumes and smoke need to be eliminated in many different manufacturing processes. This can be done by using one of our filter systems.

The filter concept is built up on several stages: 

  •  A HEPA filter (class 13)  removes all of the smaller particles and increases the lifetime of the gas filter. The separation degree of this filter is 99.97 % DOP.
  • A gas filter where the airflow is cleaned. The gas filter is made from activated carbon with a chemisorbent.

The chemisorbent ensures that fumes are properly absorbed and that the molecules bind which creates gelation in the gas filter. The filter size and volume are designed for optimal contact time between gas-filter media and the gases in the airflow.

High-efficiency fume extraction can be used in sensitive working environments such as cleanrooms and laboratories as well as in many different manufacturing processes including soldering, laser marking, laser welding, nail sculpture and manicure.

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