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Laser Marking

Laser marking is a clean, fast, non-contact process which relies on the intense heat created by a focused laser beam to permanently modify the surface of the material being marked.

The laser mark can take many forms such as:

  • Black carbonization
  • Bleaching or changing the colour of an additive in the material
  • Physical modification of the surface finish
  • Scribing a shallow groove by vaporization
  • Controlled modification of the surface by melting
  • A combination of any of these processes  


The type of marking depends on the characteristics of the laser. High peak power enables engraving, while the wavelength determines the type of interaction with the material. AMADA WELD TECH solutions allow the marking of alphanumeric characters, barcodes, 2 DID Matrix, serial numbers, logos and graphics which are applied on metals, semiconductors, plastics, ceramics and other materials. Some applications require highly visibility and attractive marks. Other applications need marks in obscure places or marks that are so small that they are only visible using magnification.

Benefits of Laser Marking:

  • Most materials can be laser marked
  • High-contrast marking
  • Small features
  • Flexible, fast and contactless
  • Permanent markings, corrosion resistant, scratch resistant
  • Clean environmentally friendly (no paints or additives)


Applications of Laser Marking

Laser Marking can be applied to almost any material and its applications include medical tools, PCBs, mobile phones, solar cells and semiconductors.

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The principles of laser marking