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Laser Welding Systems

AMADA WELD TECH offers a complete range of laser welding solutions. These are ideal for applications where the parts are very sensitive to heat, or where the components would deform under mechanical pressure. AMADA WELD TECH Laser Welding systems provide very high production volumes at a low cost per weld and very accurate part positioning, even after welding.           

They also provide extremely high-quality seam-welds to seal critical electronics packages, such as those used for pacemakers.

Laser Welding Systems (Video)

Laser Welding Applications 

Laser Welding applications.jpg

Laser Welding is extensively used for:

  • medical devices, dental components
  • automotive electronics, sensors and controls including ABS and automotive safety components
  • Electric components, connectors and devices
  • Batteries and battery packs
  • Lamps and lighting equipment
  • Consumer electronics
  • Watch our Laser Welding Systems video and Contact AMADA WELD TECH to find out how to implement a laser welding system into your production process.

Benefits of the Laser Welding System:

  • Modular systems which can be adapted to customers’ needs and budget
  • Advanced manufacturing software
  • Advanced data logging
  • Vision integrated motion
  • Remote service and diagnostics