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Short Cycle Studwelding

Apart from stud welding with capacitor discharge which has a welding time of 3 milliseconds and bolt welding with a ceramic ring which has a welding time that ranges from 100 ms to 1.5 sec., there is also another type of welding called Short Cycle. 


The base is formed by bolt welding using the same welding machine. The welding time varies between 10 and 100 ms and a ceramic ring is not used. Shielding of the molten weld is not absolutely necessary although the use of shielding gas does give a nicer welding result in some situations.

The rod almost has the same form as with capacitor discharge, but the rod tip is not used. The welding base has a slightly conical shape which allows the rod to be forced more evenly into the weld. Available in copper-plated steel and stainless steel.

Applications of Short-Cycle Stud Welding:

  • Light construction work
  • Steel furniture
  • Automotive
  • Ship isolation
  • Plating, where there are no requirements for the visible side