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LT-050B Series Light Force Microwelding Head (formerly known as 50 series)

The LT-050B Series  Light Force Micro Welding Head is a precision, low-inertia head designed specifically for delicate, parallel-gap welding, thermo-compression bonding and reflow soldering. True vertical electrode motion eliminates the electrode-wiping action. A low mass spring and compound lever force system ensure accurate, repeatable welding force in the 40 to 1000 gram range. This makes LT-050B Series  perfect for wire and ribbon applications such as fine-trace circuit board repair, wire-wound potentiometers, hybrid microwave devices, pacemakers, electrical fuses, ordnance fuses, smart cards, solar cells and other thermo-compression bonding or micro-welding applications.

Key features LT-050B Series Light Force Microwelding Head 

  • 40 – 1000 gf designed to join fine wires and ribbons between 0.0003 in – 0.01 in thickness
  • Numeric force adjustment set with 3-digit numeric counter
  • No deflection through stroke ensures consistent electrode contact and avoids welding blowouts or inconsistencies
  • Configurable design accommodates a wide variety of applications
  • Manual foot or air actuation
  • May be fitted with an optional microscope for manual parts positioning
Models (all models) Electrode holderElectrode typeForce range (gmf)Force range (Newtons)ActuationApplication
LT-050B-F HE50Unitip40 - 1000.39 - 9.8FootWelding
LT-050B-F/OPP HE501/8 in diameter40 - 1000.39 - 9.8FootWelding
LT-050B-A/24 HE50Unitip40 - 1000.39 - 9.8Air, 24 VACWelding
LT-050B-F/UB HE50UBUnibond125 - 10001.22 - 9.8FootWelding
LT-050B-A/UB HE50UBUnibond125 - 10001.22 - 9.8Air, 24 VACWelding
LT-050B-F/RF HE50RFThermode125 - 10001.22 - 9.8FootReflow Soldering
LT-050B-A/RF HE50RFThermode125 - 10001.22 - 9.8Air, 24 VACReflow Soldering
LT-050B-F/LRF HE50LRFThermode40 - 1000.39 - 9.8FootThermocompression Bonding
LT-050B-A/LRF HE50LRFThermode40 - 1000.39 - 9.8Air, 24 VACThermocompression Bonding
- All 50 heads come with baseplate and optical mount assembly. Manual 50F models include CP footpedal, 50A EZair models require either FS1L or FS2L foot switch.
Wire to chip
Fine magnet wire
Reflow contact to pad

Customized Solutions

Send your sample to one of our technology centers in Europe for an evaluation. We will then determine which solution meets your needs best. AMADA WELD TECH offers feasibility testing and application consulting.