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UF-2000A / UF-4000A / UF-R4000A Power Supply (formerly known as UNIFLOW4, UNIFLOW 4R)

UF-2000A / UF-4000A / UF-R4000A is a new power supply for Hot Bar Reflow Soldering, Heat-Sealing, ACF Laminating and Heat Staking technologies. It utilises pulsed heat technology to provide targeted heating and precision temperature control for a variety of components including flex circuits, ribbon cables, wires, SMT components, single or dual-sided edge connectors and thermo-compression bonding of gold ribbon.

Key Features UF-2000A / UF-4000A / UF-R4000A Power Supply

  • Closed-loop temperature and time control
  • Stores 63 heating profiles
  • Remote programming via RS-232/485
  • Two thermocouples for process control and auxiliary monitoring
  • Comprehensive and informative user interface: (Graphic and numeric process data, Status and alarm messages, Heat profile setting and envelope limits, Temperature error indicators, User scalable time axis, Real time temperature plot)
  • Choice of a standard unit with built-in transformer or remote unit with small control unit and remote transformer. There are four versions of the remote transformers with a choice of two energy levels and two thermode voltage ranges for additional application flexibility
Temperature profile specifications
Temperature range Idle 25 to 300 °CHeat60 to 600 °C
Temperature range Baseheat 25 to 300 °CHeat Extended Range60 to 999 °C
Temperature range Preheat 60 to 500 °CPostheat25 to 999 °C
Time period (in 0.1 Sec increments) base heat 0 to 99.9 secondsRise to Heat Time0 to 9.9 seconds
Time period (in 0.1 Sec increments) rise to preheat time 0 to 9.9 secondsHeat0.1 to 99.9 seconds
Time period (in 0.1 Sec increments) preheat 0 to 99.9 seconds or continuousPostheat0 to 99.9 seconds
Temperature control - accuracy ± 2% of reading or ± 6 °C whichever is greater
Temperature control - repeatability ± 1% of reading
Thermocouple input Type E, J, or K
Heating rate control Three integrated user-set parameters optimize temperature profile
Interrupt function (optional) Stop heating cycle at reach of force or displacement limit through external device
Programmable heat profiles Sixty three (63) non-volatile memory
Switched input electrical specifications
Operator initiation 1 or 2 level footswitch
Dedicated relays 24 VAC/ 24 VAC 0.3A
Air head ON/OFF for head actuation
Head cool ON/OFF for cooling thermode holder
Programmable relays 7 each, electromechanical (24 VAC or +24 DC)
Contact rating 24 VAC/24DC, 0.3A
Communication ports RS-232, RS-485
Programmable relay functions Reflow, preheat, baseheat, idle on, alarm, out of limits, clean thermode, replace thermode, end reflow, heat on, head valve active, system ready
Operating temperatures 59°F (15° C) – 104°F (40 °C)
Relative humidity maximum 93% @ 104°F 40 °C
UNFE2/120 UF-4000A UF-4000A Power Supply, 120 VAC, 2kVA transformer / 15A, Single Phase 50 or 60 Hz
UNFE4/240/EAPRO UF-4000A UF-4000A Power Supply, 240 VAC, 4kVA transformer / 15A, Single Phase 50 or 60 Hz
UNFE4/240/EAPRO UF-R4000A UF-R4000A Power Supply, 240 VAC, no transformer / 15A, Single Phase 50 or 60 Hz
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