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MM-L400A - Laser Weld Monitor

Real-time laser welding process monitor

The MM-L400A real-time laser welding process monitor captures high resolution waveforms of the weld process in the Laser reflection, VIS, and IR wavelength regions, in addition to measuring the laser power. The monitor can also be networked. The compact, lightweight unit supports laser welding technologies for spot or seam welds.

Key features MM-L400A - Laser Weld Monitor

  • High resolution data acquisition of weld process in multiple regions of interest 
  • IoT ready to network
  • Standard formatting and protocols to easily import in SPC, OEE, and equipment health programs
  • Foundation for AI and ML programs  - including AMADA WELD TECH's – WELDXAI


Customized Solutions

Send your sample to one of our technology centers in Europe for an evaluation. We will then determine which solution meets your needs best. AMADA WELD TECH offers feasibility testing and application consulting.