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Laser Welding Systems

AMADA WELD TECH offers a complete range of turn-key semi-automated systems for laser welding which provide the fastest path from application concept to full production.

Successful laser manufacturing processes depend in large part on the successful integration of laser system.  Designers need to develop systems where the motion, laser, software, and tooling work properly and are integrated into a whole that supports the desired process flow. Putting all the pieces together can be a challenge, compounded by the fact that many integrators do not understand lasers, and might have to rely on the laser manufacturer to integrate the system. Subsequently, if a problem arises, or if changes are needed to adjust to a new product, the integrator is not in a position to modify or repair the laser system.

AMADA WELD TECH not only manufactures laser welders but also engineers and integrates laser systems and offers designers a one-stop shop for system integration. This includes running samples of the process in-house to ensure it does the entire job as specified, and answering in-depth application questions.

Jupiter Advanced Laser Welding System

The Jupiter Advanced LW System is a series of Cartesian CNC workstations for laser welding of precision parts with the highest quality. AMADA WELD TECH offers its expertise to all of its customers to correctly match any welding application with the right laser welder, fibers, optics, tooling and process parameters. Our Laser Welders can join a wide range of (stainless) steels, nickel alloys, titanium, aluminum and copper.

Jupiter Advanced Laser Welding System for medical device welding

Our Jupiter advanced laser welding system for medical device welding is based on our largest modular platform and suitable for welding parts up to 1400mm long. This reliable production system is cleanroom compatible and suitable for several medical applications, such as welding stent placing devices, welding sensors, welding CCTV camera housing and more.

Jupiter Glovebox Laser Welding System for Medical Implantable Devices (MID’s)

Pacemakers, defillibrators, heart rhythm monitors and cochlear implants require a perfect hermetic seal.Our Jupiter Glovebox Laser Welding Systems for Medical Implantable Devices (MID’s) are designed together with our customers.

Jupiter Laser Welding System for battery tab welding

Our Jupiter Laser Welding System for battery pack welding is a semi-automatic production system for welding high-quality battery modules for applications like power tools, aerospace, military and automotive battery modules.


Customized Solutions

Send your sample to one of our technology centers in Europe for an evaluation. We will then determine which solution meets your needs best. AMADA WELD TECH offers feasibility testing and application consulting.