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AWS3 - Active Welding System and Components

The Active Welding System 3 (AWS3) is a fully-integrated resistance spot welding solution that provides process control, monitoring and quality analysis all in one package. It can be used alone as a benchtop system or can easily be integrated into an existing product line.
AMADA WELD TECH’s AWS3 System is used for many applications in the automotive industry as well as for batteries and electronics.

Key Features:

  • High rigidity
  • High speed
  • Electrode impact sensitivity
  • Exact electrode position control
  • Suitable for use in a cleanroom
  • User-friendly operating panel



AWS3 - Pneumatic

The AWS3 Pneumatic combines these essential elements into one premium system that enables parameters to be set quickly and precisely to achieve optimum welds. The AWS3 Pneumatic version is available in basic and advanced configurations.

The AWS3 Pneumatic includes an ISQ20 inverter which – depending on the application – controls 1 or 2 pneumatic weld heads, pneumatic pincers or compacting units.
The AWS3 Pneumatic offers all of the AWS3’s functions, such as automatic calculation and monitoring of critical values, programming of weld power and weld force profiles as well as the static and dynamic process monitoring.


  • Full AWS3 functionality now available for pneumatic weld heads
  • Cost effective, no separate monitor, no separate WKA adaptor and SSB interface required, only one connection required for field bus
  • Remote service capabilities
  • Integrated system including MG3 functionality: easy to program & easy integration
  • User-friendly operating panel with single knob push/turn operation or touch screen


AWS3 - Servo Motorised

The AWS3 Servo-Motorised version combines the ISQ inverter power supply with our MFP motorised weld heads, motorised weld pincers or compacting units, all in one unique system. It offers high stiffness, exact position control of the electrode and can handle high speeds.

The basic version includes static monitoring, Ethernet communication, force and speed control, force or displacement measurement and has remote service capabilities.
The combination of these essential elements has turned the AWS3 into a premium system that enables parameters to be set quickly and precisely.

The AWS3 Servo-Motorised advanced version has additional dynamic process monitoring and offers graphical waveform, SPC, and CAN open, profibus or Ethernet/IP options.


  • High stiffness
  • High speed
  • Electrode impact sensitivity
  • Electrode position control
  • Cleanroom-proof
  • User-friendly operating panel with single knob push/turn operation or touch screen


AWS3 Touchscreen Panel - Weld Monitoring

The MIYACHI PECO AWS3 Control Panel represents the very latest technology in resistance weld monitoring and is now also available in a large 21 cm / 8.5" touchscreen version. Its functionality includes valuable features such as precision real-time dynamic measurement of all the welding variables, remote services and saving data on a USB stick. Both the standard and the touchscreen version of the AWS3 Control Panel are plug-and-play devices which can be upgraded to existing AWS3 systems.

With the increasing emphasis on accountability, the AWS3 Control Panel offers the tools needed for process development, production monitoring, data collection, and analysis to support your ISO, GMP and TQM requirements.


  • Two Independent Measurement Channels
  • Oscilloscope Functions with Zoom and Cursor Modes
  • Full On-screen SPC Capability
  • Integrated clock and Date for Weld Reporting and Traceability
  • Up to 99 Schedules with Password Protection
  • Multiple Language Capability


Customized Solutions

Send your sample to one of our technology centers in Europe for an evaluation. We will then determine which solution meets your needs best. AMADA WELD TECH offers feasibility testing and application consulting.