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Capacitive Discharge Welding Power Supplies

Capacitive Discharge (CD) power supplies provide a direct current pulse. The energy of the pulse can be pre-set through the controlled charging of a capacitor. The pulse shape can only be influenced to a limited extend. In many cases, these power supplies cover a wider spectrum of technological.


Advanced Capacitive Discharge Welder - CD-A

The CD-A Advanced Capacitive Discharge Welder features dual pulse output control, internal pulse monitoring, optional polarity switching and is automation capable.

The unit offers consistent welding output for repeatable process results, with ultrafast rise time for conductive material welding. Featuring fully controllable dual pulse output, the CD-A provides pulse shaping with 4 discrete pulse lengths, programmable squeeze and hold times and adjustable pulse separation. Furthermore, the units offer the ability to set limits around a schedule to prevent bad welds and a built-in peak current indicator which indicates the last weld peak current. The ability to change polarity – individual settings for positive, negative, or alternating polarity – allows for a way to balance weld nuggets and overcome the Peltier effect, as well as extend electrode life.

The CD-A welder is automation ready and can be easily integrated into production lines. The unit can be programmed to communicate with a host computer or with an automation control system. Operators can set and store up to 63 schedules to quickly change between weld parameters. A schedule chaining feature lets users automatically switch between two different schedules. The power supplies enable rapid fire between pulses for quick welding of adjacent locations.

The CD-A Advanced Capactive Discharcge Welder is ideal for battery tab welding, interconnects, honeycomb tacking and fine wire to pad applications.


  • Dual pulse function helps overcome surface inconsistencies
  • Built-in monitor measures peak current for both pulses for process monitoring
  • Process monitor features a color coded bar graph on the RUN screen that provides instant weld history of In Limit/ Out of Limit percentages to assess process performance
  • Upper and lower limits can be set for both pulses, with an option to inhibit Pulse 2 if Pulse 1 is out of limits. Prevents weld blow out
  • Upslope function allows gradual ramping of weld energy to alleviate weld splash
  • Automatic polarity switching between pulses provides even heating between electrodes and increases electrode life
  • Up to four software selectable pulse widths increases the range of welding applications and improves process optimization
  • Efficient power electronics provide high repetition rates


Advanced Capacitive Discharge Welders - 125, 300, 1000 ADP Series

AMADA WELD TECH’s range of Advanced Dual Pulse Capacitive Discharge welders provides a new level of welding performance, with both advanced process monitoring and a simplified user interface. Its all-new design includes a proprietary charging unit to improve pulse-rise times and repetition rates. The built-in weld monitor with color display provides information at a glance on weld and process performance. Unique features such as programmable pulse polarity and upslope enable fast, easy setup and ensure that nugget formation and electrode wear are even during series welding, as well as alleviating weld splash. The ADP Series welders are ideal for welding conductive materials in applications such as the spot welding of batteries, tab welding, honeycomb welding and more!


  • Built-in current monitor
  • Set pulse limits
  • Four pulse widths with fast rise times
  • Programmable, automatic polarity switching
  • Upslope function
  • Quick-view color screen


Dual Pulse Capacitive Discharge Welders - 125DP, 250DP

The Dual Pulse Spot Welder Series are capacitive discharge power supplies (CD welder) that have been designed specifically for precision resistance spot welding applications such as battery pack welding. They are controlled by microprocessor, store multiple weld schedules, and provide consistent weld energy to the parts being joined. MIYACHI UNITEK’s dual-pulse spot welders deliver high-peak energy with fast rise times. This is particularly important when welding highly conductive materials such as copper and brass. The control system provides a highly stable output, independent of line voltage fluctuations which results in repeatable energy delivery from weld to weld. The short weld times of the Dual Pulse Series result in minimal deformation and marking to parts.


  • Dual Pulse function eliminates surface inconsistencies
  • Microprocessor controlled
  • Optional built-in weld monitor
  • Up to 128 programmable weld schedules
High Value Capacitive Discharge Welder - CD-V

The CD-V series welders are high value, compact capacitive discharge welders featuring dual pulse output with full control of both pulses.

Key features include: Fully controllable dual pulse output; Adjustable pulse separation for process optimization; Rapid fire between pulses for quick welding of adjacent location; Ultrafast rise time for conductive material welding; Pulse rise time control; Peak current monitor indicates if weld occurred; Programmable squeeze time; Weld counter


Pulse:  Adjustable between 0.1-150ms, default 15 ms
Max. output energy: 120Ws - 260Ws
Weld functions: Single pulse, dual pulse and roll spot
Hold time: Controlled via footswitch or handpiece


Customized Solutions

Send your sample to one of our technology centers in Europe for an evaluation. We will then determine which solution meets your needs best. AMADA WELD TECH offers feasibility testing and application consulting.