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DC-H3000A - High Duty DC Spot Welding Power Supplies (formerly known as DC2013-T)

The  DC-H3000A High Duty DC Spot Welding Power Supplies is a high performance DC resistance spot welding power supply, combining touch panel integrated database process control and monitoring with ultra high duty and low ripple 3000A DC output.

Integrating state of the art technologies, these units take the concept of real-time SPC process control to unsurpassed levels, allowing SMART welding database profiles to be stored, monitored and adjusted from anywhere in the world via TCP/IP Ethernet.

The internal database technology provides process and production engineers with a vast array of process control features by which to enhance production line quality control and monitoring methodologie

Key features DC-H3000A - High Duty DC Spot Welding Power Supplies

  • Higher Duty : Up-rated tried and tested power switching system provides unsurpassed levels of DC current purity with ultra low ripple and fast loop response to react to and control challenging applications. HFDC Ultra low ripple at low currents.
  • High voltage outputs permit long cabling for automation and power distribution to multi-headed systems.
  • Full TCP/IP Ethernet interfacing to internal and external database systems.
  • Associate and view PDF and text format work instructions and process manuals with weld schedules. Operator & Engineer Modes.
  • Associate and view JPEG and BMP files with weld schedules,
  • 3 USB ports : USB memory stick transfer, Mouse, Keyboard, Servo head drives, wireless etc.
  • Built in graphical SPC functionality with optional displacement monitoring with dynamic weld control.
  • Optional electrical SAFEGUARD system with E-Stop connectivity for automation.
  • SMART weld head force control within weld schedules.
  • 7” WVGA (800x480) 262K Colour Touch Panel Interface with context sensitive, intuitive menu system.
  • High speed automation and communication ports with full remote control capability.
Model DC-H3000A
Maximum output current (A) 3000 Amps DC
Output voltage at full load 6VDC
Maximum output power 18KW
Full output duty cycle 3%@3000A (2%@4000A option)
Control modes Current/Voltage/Power
Output accuracy of setting ±1% at Maximum Current
Programmed timing values
Squeeze time setting 0.1 – 999.9 ms
Upslope time pulse 1 0.1 – 999.9 ms
Peak time pulse 1 0.1 – 999.9 ms
Downslope time pulse 1 0.1 – 999.9 ms
Delay time between pulses 0.1 – 999.9 ms
Upslope time pulse 2 0.1 – 999.9 ms
Peak time pulse 2 0.1 – 999.9 ms
Downslope time pulse 2 0.1 – 999.9 ms
Hold time 0.1 – 999.9 ms
Process monitor limits Current/Voltage/Displacement
No of waveforms averaged User defined
Waveform window limiting range 0 - 100%
Waveform window tolerances 0 - 100%
Optional feedback monitoring Up to 6 channels of real time weld displacement monitoring
Displacement monitoring LVDT or Encoder
Force range 0 - 500 N
Input requirements 3 phase
Input voltage 380 - 480VAC
Control I/0 Opto isolated
Serial communications Ethernet via TCP/IP, USB 2.0, RS232
Width 220mm (Vertical) 445mm (Horizontal)
Height 445mm (Vertical) 220mm (Horizontal)
Depth 497mm (Vertical) 497mm (Horizontal)
Weight 38 kg
Crimp weld connector
Pre compacted wire to terminal
Projection weld switch dashboard
Resistance weld engine motor armature
Stranded wire to coil
Stranded wire to terminal

Customized Solutions

Send your sample to one of our technology centers in Europe for an evaluation. We will then determine which solution meets your needs best. AMADA WELD TECH offers feasibility testing and application consulting.