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IPB-5000A - Inverter Power Supply

The IPB-5000A - Inverter Power supply delivers superior welding control for a wide range of micro-joining applications. When paired with the ITB-780A6 transformer this unit is capable of a maximum output of 6000 Amps, making it ideal for most resistive and conductive welding applications. It operates in constant current, voltage or power feedback modes and is capable of welding in a combo mode (current and voltage) to meet even the most challenging application or process conditions.

Weld to displacement function: When a weld displacement reaces a certain level the weld current can be interrupted. This enerates a stable result. For this features, the IPB-5000A - Inverter Power Supply needs to be connected with a weld checker such as MM-370B or MG3.


Key features IPB-5000A - Inverter Power Supply

  • 5 kHz fast feedback
  • Constant current, voltage and power feedback mode
  • Combo mode
  • Displacement option
  • Full-color LCD monitor
  • Comparator and envelope functions
  • Weld pre-check
Model IPB-5000A
Power source Three phase, 200-240 VAC/380-480 VAC, 50/60 Hz
Primary frequency 5 kHz
Primary current 200A
Feedback mode Secondary constant current, secondary constant voltage, combination of secondary constant current and secondary constant voltage control, secondary constant power
Number of weld schedules 127
Time settings: Squeeze delay 0000 to 9999 ms
Time settings: Squeeze 0000 to 9999 ms
Time settings: Weld 1, 2 000 to 600 ms
Time settings: Up slope 000 to 400 ms
Time settings: Cool 000 to 999 ms
Time settings: Off 0010 to 9990 ms
Current setting range 0.40 to 4.00 kA
Current monitor 0.00 - 9.99 kA
Displacement monitor -29.999 mm to 29.999 mm
Cooling method Forced cooling
Dimensions (LxHxD) 172 x 349 x 504 mm
Weight 19 kg
Model ITD-360BITD-760B
Rated capacity 10.2 kVA17.4 kVA
Rated primary voltage 600 V
Secondary voltage, no load 9 V13 V
Maximum secondary current 3000A (5%)4000A (5%)
Cooling method Forced air cooling
Input frequency 5 kHz
Turn ratios of transformer 33:123:1
Dimensions 183 x 186 x 437 mm190 x 183 x 491 mm
Weight 11 kg13 kg
Fusing of tunic covered wires
Welding of terminal and stranded wire

Customized Solutions

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