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WH-L Series - Precision Weld Heads (formerly known as LH Series)

The WH-L series of precision servo weld heads combine the latest ultra low friction, high speed actuation technology with cutting edge control electronics to deliver fully integrated process programmable spot welding with real time displacement monitoring and process control. WH-L Series weld heads fully integrate with the MacGregor SMART series of power supplies to deliver a precision fully featured welding process definition and data collection system suitable for both high end manual or automatic spot welding assembly. All SMART series power supplies and heads provide true servo driven output control that is derived from precision calibrated sensors. Furthermore, to meet the increasing demands from the automotive, medical and aerospace sectors, secondary sensors and feedback methods assure system integrity and accuracy on a weld by weld basis. Standard options include 1µm weld displacement encoder with real time trace and windowing capability with 25mm or 100mm travel models.

Key Features WH-L Series - Precision Weld Heads

  • Fully programmable motion profiles
  • 0.1N force resolution, 1% accuracy
  • Automatic or manual mode operation
  • Ethernet control & programmability
  • Integrated control with weld schedules
  • Displacement monitoring


Model WH -L-90-AWH-L-180-A
Minimum force 7N8N
Maximum force 90N180N
Maximum speed 400mm/s400mm/s
Force accuracy 0.3N0.6N
Force repeatability 0.3N0.6N
Duty cycle 5% @ max force3% @ max force
Current handling 3000A3000A
Stroke 25mm25mm
Actuation Auto or manual foot pedalAuto or manual foot pedal
Weight 11.2 kg11.2 kg
Positional accuracy +/- 1µm+/- 1µm
Options 100mm stroke variant100mm stroke variant
Stroke +/- 1µm encoder standard+/- 1µm encoder standard
Welding orthodontic devices
Gold ribbon bonding
Welding components to leadframe
Welding stranded wire to terminal

Customized Solutions

Send your sample to one of our technology centers in Europe for an evaluation. We will then determine which solution meets your needs best. AMADA WELD TECH offers feasibility testing and application consulting.