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Universal Spot Welding Heads

The modular weld head system offers flexibility, simplicity and high performance for micro joining joining applications.

The precision ultra low inertia weld head modules can be used standalone mounted on third party application product or may be supplied as bench mounted units either with fixed or variable height back supports.

A large range of custom and standard electrode holders are available to suit almost any application.

The precision modules combine an integral force adjustment control with options to fit force and displacement monitoring transducers for use with process feedback based power supplies.



Key Features Universal Spot Welding Heads

  • Very low inertia delivers fast process response and rapid settling.
  • Suits all drive systems: motor, pneumatic, manual.
  • Proven, rugged design ideal for automation.
  • Narrow footprint permits high-density mounting in confined areas.
  • Options for built-in force and displacement sensing transducers.
Integrated weld heads* Force rangeStrokeCompressio
Manual opposed weld head 2 -70N25mm10mm
Pneumatic opposed weld head 2 -70N25mm10mm
Manual twin (parallel gap) weld head 2 -70N25mm10mm
Pneumatic twin (parallel gap) weld head 2 -70N25mm10mm
Pneumatic high force opposed weld head 10 -500N25mm6mm
Weld head modules Force rangeDimensions WxDxH(mm)Compression
Single standard module* 2 - 70N25x50x17910mm
Twin standard module* 2 - 70N55x60x17910mm
SIngle mini module 2 - 50N15x50x758mm
Twin mini module 2 - 50N35x60x758mm
High force module* 10 - 500N25x60x1158mm
. * Process monitoring - All integrated weld heads, standard and high force modules have options for force and displacement transducers.
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Gap welding of coin cell tabs
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Customized Solutions

Send your sample to one of our technology centers in Europe for an evaluation. We will then determine which solution meets your needs best. AMADA WELD TECH offers feasibility testing and application consulting.