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Weld Checkers

Handheld, portable weld monitors for resistance spot welding have been designed to provide quick, precise and comprehensive measurements of the welding process. AMADA WELD TECH offers several weld checkers which utilize a weld-through sensor and measure the current, voltage and force simultaneously between the electrodes.




MM-122A - High Precision Weld Checker

The MM-122A is a full-function, cost-effective unit designed to monitor every type of resistance welding control. Its miniature design allows it to be mounted in any position on the welding machine.


  • Measures Single Phase AC, DC Inverter, AC Inverter, Capacitor Discharge, Transistor, Single-phase Rectified, 3-phase Rectified, 3-phase Low Frequency
  • Current Range: 0.010 kA - 199.9 kA
  • RMS or PEAK Values
  • 31 Weld Schedules
  • “No weld-current” Detection
  • Printer Connection with Standard Reports


MM-315B - Portable Weld Checker

MM-315B is a handheld, multi-function monitor for resistance spot welders.
This pocket-size weld tester is perfect for troubleshooting all types of resistance spot welders. It literally puts all of the welding data into the palm of your hand.


  • Measures Weld Current, Weld Cycles, and Conduction Degrees
  • Battery-free Memory
  • Automation Power-Off System
  • Up to 9 Impulse Memory Capacity
  • Large, Easy-to-see Liquid Crystal Display
  • Oil & Dust Proof Case


MM-370B - Portable Weld Checker

The new portable MM-370B weld checker can simultaneously measure current, voltage, force and displacement. The 5" color display provides precise graphical waveforms for each parameter. It is now equipped with a USB port convenient importing and exporting of saved data. This weld checker has the capability to overlay multiple waveforms on a single screen. The weld monitor can also be used to view, optimise, document and monitor the weld over time. The limits and I/O can be programmed for each parameter with various output conditions.


  • Measures Current, Force, Voltage, Time and displacement
  • Set Limits for all parameters
  • Comprehensive machine I/O
  • Easy screen menu navigation
  • Built in printer and RS232/485 output
  • Now equipped with an USB port for importing and exporting saved data


MM-601B - Portable Force Gauge

The MM-601B is an electrode force-measuring device for resistance welding machines. By changing the load cell sensor, it is capable of measuring weld pressures ranging from 0.20 kg to 950 kg (0.44 lbs to 2111 lbs).


  • Simple Microcomputer Based Operation
  • Wide Measurement Range
  • Automatic Determination of Measurement Range
  • Large, Easy-to-read Crystal Liquid Display
  • One-Touch Zero Adjustment
  • Portable, Easy-to-carry
  • Front Panel Highly Resistant to Oil Mist and Dust


Customized Solutions

Send your sample to one of our technology centers in Europe for an evaluation. We will then determine which solution meets your needs best. AMADA WELD TECH offers feasibility testing and application consulting.