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Jupiter Heat Staking systems

AMADA WELD TECH’s Jupiter Heat Staking System is typically being purchased for parts which need a permanent (anti-tempering) mechanical joint between a thermoplastic part and non-plastic part. Depending on the production processes, a selection of bonding heads are available, featuring motorized drive systems, force- and position measurement for applications such as heat staking of electric motors, ADAS Cameras and heat staking on PCB’s.


Specifications Jupiter Heat Staking systems

  • Jupiter base system, floor standing
  • One motorized XY slide with programmable positions
  • Two pneumatic bonding heads
  • Force measurement inside bond heads
  • Position measurement inside bond heads
  • Two heat stake bonding tools
  • Light curtain
  • One MG3 hotbar process monitoring unit for traceability and building compliance trails for the heat-stake joints
  • Product specific
  • PLC control for the complete system

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