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AMADA WELD TECH provides service and support for all Miyachi Group brands, including MIYACHI, MIYACHI UNITEK, MIYACHI PECO and MIYACHI EAPRO and MACGREGOR products and systems. The dedicated, knowledgeable and highly motivated technical service team is pleased to install, train, maintain and to service those products and systems.

Technical Support

Technical Support is given for hardware and software ordered whether it is covered free of charge under warranty or covered as chargeable technical service. This chargeable technical service includes spare parts, labor and electrodes and can either be provided per service call received or according to special technical service contracts. 

Complex production processes, highest quality expectations and JIT supply chain requirements make technical service for installation, training, maintenance and repair a very important asset to ensure maximum uptime, to support smooth daily operation and to generate a high product life cycle.

AMADA WELD TECH also provides technical consulting on component construction, production process development, production optimisation and system integration.

Application Support

Our Technology Centers offer technical application development and troubleshooting support in our key technologies: Laser Welding, Laser Marking, Resistance Welding, Hot-Bar Reflow Soldering, Heat-Staking, Fluid Dispensing, Systems

Through our Technology Centers we offer a range of services including free of charge feasibility testing, extended application development (consulting), optimization of process parameters, process qualification and on-site trouble shooting.

Our labs are stocked with a large range of Hot-Bar, Resistance Welding, Lasers, CNC Robots and Dispensing Equipment, as well as diagnostics equipment like Pull Testers, Cross Sectioning Equipment, Temperature Probes for in-situ measurements and microscopy. On request we also offer Helium Leak Testing.

Customer Service

We are pleased to answer your technical question, explain the advantages of remote services and deliver the spare part you need.

Should you wish to contact AMADA WELD TECH for service, repair or technical assistance, feel free to click on Contacts and a technical service expert located in or close to your region will assist you.

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