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Sistemas de barra caliente

Los sistemas autónomos de barra caliente son una línea de sistemas automáticos y semiautomáticos desarrollados para llevar a cabo soldadura por reflujo con barra caliente, sellado térmico y unión ACF. Estos sistemas aportan una gran calidad en las conexiones y una gran productividad, y presentan una flexibilidad que satisface los requisitos de fabricación más exigentes.


Jupiter ACF Bonding systems

Our Jupiter Hot Bar System for ACF Bonding includes both a pre-tacking and a final bonding process module. Two processing positions next to each other in one system makes it perfectly suitable for the ACF Bonding of dashboard component, ADAS Cameras, OLED lighting, sensors and many other applications.The modules and process settings can be used 1:1 in fully automated production lines, improving our customers “Time To Market” and improving the certainty in the PCP  (“Product Creation Process”).


  • Jupiter base system, floor standing
  • Two operator positions
  • Two manual front-rear slides, two positions per slide
  • One fully automatic ACF pre-tacking unit
  • One constant heat bonding (pre-tacking) head
  • One pulsed heat final bonding head
  • One dual camera alignment system
  • Two light curtains
  • One MG3 Hot Bar process monitoring unit
  • One product specific fixture for pre-tacking
  • One product specific fixture for final bonding (incl. alignment)
  • System is PLC controlled


Jupiter Heat Staking systems

AMADA WELD TECH’s Jupiter Heat Staking System is typically being purchased for parts which need a permanent (anti-tempering) mechanical joint between a thermoplastic part and non-plastic part. Depending on the production processes, a selection of bonding heads are available, featuring motorized drive systems, force- and position measurement for applications such as heat staking of electric motors, ADAS Cameras and heat staking on PCB’s.


Jupiter base system, floor standing
One motorized XY slide with programmable positions
Two pneumatic bonding heads
Force measurement inside bond heads
Position measurement inside bond heads
Two heat stake bonding tools
Light curtain
One MG3 hotbar process monitoring unit for traceability and building compliance trails for the heat-stake joints
Product specific
PLC control for the complete system


Jupiter Hot Bar Bonding systems

AMADA WELD TECH’s Jupiter XS Hot Bar Bonding System is the smallest platform within the Jupiter System Series. It can be used for several applications, such as CCTV camera modules (Automotive), sensor array for digital X-ray devices (Medical), flex foil soldering for flexible electronics (Automotive) and soldering for wearable electronics (Medical). Depending on your application, several bond heads, force and stroke measurement, an automatic turntable and process monitoring can be integrated.


Compact, floor standing Jupiter system
Automatic t2-position turntable
Light curtain for operator safety
Two automatic solder flux dispensing systems
Pneumatic bond head with force- and stroke measurement
Uniflow power source
PLC Control system
Interfacing to a Manufacturing execution system (MES)

Soluciones personalizadas

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