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Jupiter Advanced Laser Welding System

PC Controlled CNC Laser Welding Workstation

The Jupiter Advanced LW System is a series of Cartesian CNC workstations for laser welding of precision parts with the highest quality. AMADA WELD TECH offers its expertise to all of its customers to correctly match any welding application with the right laser welder, fibers, optics, tooling and process parameters. Our Laser Welders can join a wide range of (stainless) steels, nickel alloys, titanium, aluminum and copper. Typical laser welding applications include seam sealing of implantable medical devices, stents, guide wires, catheters, high frequency aerospace radar components, spot welding of small mechanical parts, battery housings, hermetic seam welding of sensors, etc.

Key Features of the Jupiter Advanced Laser Welding System

  • Modular, stand-alone system adaptable to customers requirements
  • Class-1 safety enclosure fulfills CE safety regulations
  • High accuracy servo motor motion system
  • Standard 3 CNC programmable axes (X,Y,Z), expandable to 5 (by adding 2 rotary axes)
  • CNC G-code contour programming with powerful extensions
  • Aerotech CNC controller platform
  • Industrial PC for maximum certainty on product recipe and data logging storage
  • PSLF (Position Synchronized Laser Firing) option to match laser output to a variable motion speed along a contour
  • IMS3000 (Integrated Manufacturing Software) for integral production recipes, storing and loading of all relevant product parameters in one central database (laser, CNC, vision, operator work instructions, etc.)
  • Advanced FDA/Mil-Spec compliant data logging (system messages, laser performance, serial and batch numbers and external power meter measurements)
  • Integrated Remote Service and diagnostics


Average power levels (W) max. 600max. 4000max. 450
Peak power levels (W) max. 10000max. 4000max. 4500
Peak energy levels (J/pulse) max. 100n.a.max. 45
Wavelength 1064 nm 1070 nm or 1080 nm1070 nm
Laser head Several options possible, incl. CCTV versionsSeveral options possible, incl. CCTV versionsSeveral options possible, incl. CCTV versions
Collimator lens focal distance (mm) 50 to 20035 to 7050 to 200
Focal lens focal distance (mm) 50 to 20050 to 20050 to 200
Optical fiber diameter (µm) 100 to 100010 to 100050 to 200
Effective spot sizes (µm) 100 to 100010 to 60050 to 600
Optical fiber length (m) 5 to 405 to 205
Corsa 430 mm350 mm180 mm
Ripetibilità ± 6 µm± 6 µm± 20 µm
Velocity 300 mm/s300 mm/s190 mm/s
Opzione Rotary R-axis
Static repeatability 0.05 º
Rotational frequency 66 º/s (11 rpm)
MASSA E DIMENSIONI Jupiter Advanced Laser Welding system
Dimensioni AxLxP (mm) 2013 x 1110 x 1110 (excl. laser, chiller & fume extraction unit)
Dimensioni AxLxP (mm) 2400 x 1415 x 110 (door opened and incl. HMI)
Massa ± 600 kg (depending on options)
Stent welding
Seam welding of pacemaker cases
Laser welding metal guidewires
Seam welding of small rotary motors
Laser seam welding on drug pump

Soluzioni personalizzate

Inviate un campione a uno dei nostri centri tecnologici in Europa per una valutazione. Valuteremo la soluzione che soddisfa meglio le vostre esigenze. AMADA WELD TECH conduce test di fattibilità e eroga consulenza applicativa.