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Resale Products

AMADA WELD TECH offers a wide range of fluid dispensing products. Our business concept is to market mobile filter systems by creating a better workbench environment and protecting individuals and products from hazardous fumes and particles. AMADA WELD TECH can help you optimise your ESD protection program to meet the European ESD standards (EN-61340-5).


Fume Extraction

Many working environments today, including soldering, adhesives, welding and laser applications, create particles and gases that can be harmful to the workplace and the environment. It is important to use the correct safety equipment to remove these hazardous substances.

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Fluid Dispensing

Well controlled fluid dispensing results in a high quality product, a low assembly cost and a (c)lean working environment. The increasing quality demands and the ongoing miniturization of products requires high quality fluid dispensing solutions.

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ESD Control Products

ESD Products (Electro Static Discharge) are an integral part of AMADA WELD TECH’s delivery program. We can help you optimise your ESD protection program to meet the European ESD standards. 

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JC 3 Gantry Robot.jpg

JANOME Robotics

Manufacturing operations across a wide range of industries rely on dispense technology for adhesive and bonding applications. While in some cases manual dispensing is adequate, robot dispensing delivers greater accuracy and therefore final product quality. Customized robot dispensing technology can prove critical to high quality fluid dispensing applications.

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CEIA Induction Heating

AMADA WELD TECH is a supplier of no-contact Induction Heating Devices for metal treatment. High and medium-frequency generators, control units, optical sensors for measuring temperature and automatic solder-alloy wire supply devices make up a line of products which are ideal for industrial processes of heat treatment and braze welding.

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