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New laser weld monitor MM-L300A available

AMADA WELD TECH’s new MM-L300A laser weld monitor is available for purchase now. The monitor, designed for process monitoring of both pulsed and CW welds of metals, provides judgement of laser welding processes via detection of thermal characteristics of the weld. The new MM-L300A comes with a controller, sensor, cable, and windows-based software.

The unit, which monitors the thermal radiation waveform created during the welding process, can detect production defects such as gaps between parts, damage on surfaces of a workpiece, an incorrect focal point, missing parts, excess weld penetration, spatter, presence or lack of cover gas, and part misalignments.
The sensor unit is mounted to a focus head unit for either coaxial (compatible weld head is required) or off axis, if not using a compatible weld head. The monitor is designed for use on both seam and spot-welding processes. MM-L300A key features include in-situ laser weld defect detection, instant Good/NG judgement for production (post weld), and waveform measurement and envelope limits.

The MM-L300A may be used for a wide range of industrial applications including medical, automotive, batteries, sensors and transducers, aerospace, and electronic components.

As with any monitoring product, several welds are performed and recorded, and limits are established. Within the software program, envelope limits are set around a good waveform. The unit is then used to detect whether the performed weld was OK or not OK, and provides an output to a PLC.

The MM-L300A is compatible with AMADA WELD TECH and any other vendors’ laser welding system. The unit can also be retrofitted to any existing laser welding machine which are used for welds on metals. Global AMADA WELD TECH  support and service is available for the unit.

The MM-L300A is available with a standard lead time of 8 to 10 weeks. Unit dimensions (excluding sensor) are 243 mm x 230 mm x 89 mm (L x W x D); weight: 3.0 kg. For additional technical product questions, please contact your local Area Sales Manager.


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