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Pulsed Arc Welding

Pulse Micro arc welding is a zero-contact process by which an electrical arc is struck between an electrode and the target component. The arc generates very high and concentrated energy density, resulting in high local temperatures that can be used for welding.

To control the process in terms of energy control, closed-loop linear power supplies are used to establish and then maintain the arc under precisely controlled electrical conditions. By modifying the programmed conditions in terms of duration profile and amplitude, the effective heating pattern and welding process may be established and controlled.

Pulsed Arc Welding Applications

Typical applications include coil to pin termination, thermocouple manufacture and battery tab welding.


Pulsed Arc Welding Products

The MACGREGOR range of programmable pulsed arc power supplies are linear-based precision arc-welding units capable of producing repeatable and accurate current pulses. These units are specifically designed for high-accuracy, solder-free, zero-contact joining often replacing solder and crimping techniques. 

Micro arc welding is a process that can be used to simultaneously remove wire insulation while forming a welded joint between the wire and target connection point in a matter of milliseconds. This makes them an ideal choice for high-speed manufacture of coil-based products.  

Our PA-H units use closed-loop electronics to constantly monitor the arc and produce accuracies within 1%.