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Resistance & Micro Arc Welding Systems

MacGregor Welding Systems provides proven technologies with a long tradition as market leader in micro-connection, also known under the MACGREGOR brand. MacGregor Welding Systems combines its competencies into one full range of resistance and arc welding products, such as inverter power supplies, percussive arc welding power supplies, HF, AC/DC and capacitor discharge welding. MacGregor also offers monitoring and testing devices as well as fixtures and accessories.

Send your sample to one of our technology centres in Europe for an evaluation. We will then determine which solution best meets your needs. MacGregor Welding Systems offers feasibility testing and application consulting.

Resistance & Micro Arc Welding System Benefits:

The combination of a wide range of standard resistance welding equipment, application research labs, in-house engineering and a global service network gives us a unique advantage to build resistance welding systems.

MacGregor Welding Systems will turn your system configuration into a turnkey solution for your efficient daily operation. We are committed to delivering customised solutions that meet your needs and provide added value in your working environment.

Automation projects are defined by cooperative value engineering. This allows the customer to actively define the welding system requirements and the design focus to be influenced by these requirements. MacGregor Welding Systems develops and manufactures:

  • Automated welding systems

  • Micro welding with vision capture and correction

  • Semi automatic welding systems

  • Fully integrated production cells in mass manufacturing plants

  • Robotic micro arc and resistance spot welding systems

  • Precision mechanisms and product handling

  • Rotary micro welding and assembly systems

MacGregor Welding Systems offers clients the choice of purpose-built integration and part-handling systems. The welding systems are designed, based on customer and process requirements, and provide a tailored solution for industry.

In addition, MacGregor Welding Systems offers solutions for system builders specialised in weld modules with integrated component positioning and has extensive knowledge in engineering to integrate components with system suppliers.

The use of design validation and process development and testing is conducted throughout the project to ensure the system provides the required value and efficiency.

In-house design

Our in-house design and construction department will be happy to check the feasibility of your successfully& analysed application and describe and visualise a concept which perfectly meets your needs.

Confidential handling

Confidential handling of your sensitive requests is ensured under an NDA if requested.

Maximum process stability

Enjoy maximum process stability, excellent reproducibility and a high grade of weld with our reliable and proven resistance welding systems.