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TR-T0016A - Touch Retract Welding Torch

The innovative TR-T0016A Touch Retract TIG Torch is a hand-held tool that has been developed for the welding of conductive thin-sheet material. Providing consistent welding performance in an easy to use form, the TR-T0016A Touch Retract TIG Torch is ideal for the assembly of battery modules and packs.

Traditionally, Nickel has been the first choice for current connectors within battery packs as it is easy to weld with Resistance Welding technology. Switching from Nickel to Copper tabs can improve battery performance by 20% however its conductive nature makes Resistance Welding a challenge. Micro-Arc welding is a highly efficient method for generating localised heat.

The TR-T0016A Touch Retract TIG Torch has been designed exclusively for use in combination with our PA-T200A Percussive Arc Power Supply which incorporates the necessary power electronics to facilitate highly controlled welds and interfacing with modern industrial communications systems.

Key features TR-T0016A - Touch Retract Welding Torch

  • Suitable for welding multiple battery designs in many battery pack configurations.
  • Protruding electrode and narrow nozzle (7mm) for easy weld location control.
  • Integrated collar for machine integration for upscaling manufacturing capacity.
  • Narrow nozzel for easy, repeatable weld location
  • Low voltage arc.
  • Light weight, ergonomic design for easy operator manipulation.
Model TR-T0016A Touch Retract Welding Torch
Electrode size 1.6 mm
Maximum current 200A
Actuation Hand held or machine mountable
WEIGHT & DIMENSIONS TR-T0016A Touch Retract Welding Torch
Weight 550 gram (Touch Retract Welding Torch)
Nozzle diameter 7 mm
Model PA-T200A Power Supply
Maximum Output Current 200A
Duty cycle 5%@150A
Open circuit voltage 45V D.C.
Options 1 output only
Mains supply 50/60Hz 380/415/480 VAC 3-phase
Weight 42 kg
Dimensions (WxHxD) 560 x 220 x 445 mm
Stainless steel 0.3 mm to stainless stell 0.3 mm
0.3 mm stainless steel to 0.1 mm 9 carat gold plated stainless steel
0.3 mm copper tab to 18650 battery cells
Welding 0.3 mm copper tab to battery cells

Customized Solutions

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