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320 Series Low Force Electronic Weld Head

The Series 320 electronic resistance spot welding heads are high precision, low force heads designed specifically for applications requiring precise position and force control. This versatile series meets the process demands of microelectronics manufacturing, yet is robust enough to endure industrial requirements and environments.

Key features Low Force Electronic Weld Head - Series 320

  • Inline and offset opposed electrode configurations for maximum flexibility
  • Exceptionally accurate force and position parameters provide outstanding process control and measurement
  • Weld-to-displacement feature stops the weld precisely during collapse
  • Initial part detection feature detects missing or extra parts
  • Displacement limits facilitate monitoring of both initial and final part thickness
  • Optional two level footswitch or new linear motion footswitch
  • User friendly I/O for easy integration with PLC
  • Four programmable relay outputs facilitate process control
Electronic Control SL-320A
Line voltage input 85-264 VAC 50\60 Hz single phase
Operating environment 5-40 °C, 10 - 95% relative humidity non condensing
Ramp to compress period 1 - 999 ms, 1 ms step
Compress period 0 - 500 ms, 1 ms step
Squeeze period 1 - 999 ms, 1 ms step
Delay period 2 - 700 ms, 1 ms step
Follow-up period 0 - 99.9 ms, 0.1 ms step
Hold period 0 - 999 ms, 1 ms step
Upstop position 0.15-25.3 mm (0.060 - 0.996 in)
Search position 0.13-25.2 mm (0.005 - 0.995 in)
Graphical run screens Graphical display of weld schedule, force profile with result, and initial, final, and setdown results.
Object detection Detects presence of objects in electrode path between upstop and search positions and automatically returns electrode back to upstop position.
Weld schedules 127 schedules, each with 8 user-programmable process steps.
Run/dress modes Provides ability to easily dress electrodes then automatically recalibrate closed position of electrode tips.
Weld head Models 321. 322. 323. and 324
Stroke maximum 25 mm (0.98 in)
Force maximum (follow up only) 3520 gm (7.75 lb)
Force weld 200-2200 gm (0.44 - 4.85 lb)
Force rating continuous 1100 gm (2.42 lb)
Force linearity over entire stroke (15⁰C temperature variation) +/- 3% or +/- 20 gm whichever is greater.
Force response time Assuming no shaft movement, the rise time going from 1000 gm (2.2 lb) force to a step input of 3200 gm (7.0 lb) is 1 msec maximum.
Slew rate maximum 75 cm/sec (30 in/sec)
Operating environment 5 - 40° C
Control I/0
Footswitch inputs Process initiated by 2 position or linear footswitch.
Digital inputs - 24 VDC, 5 mA, bi-directional inputs Schedule select, dress, reset, process inhibit, park, start weld 1 and 2.
Digital outputs - 30 V AC/DC, 0.5 A, solid state relays Schedule select, alarm, in process, parked, acknowledgement, ready.
Programmable relay outputs 4 relays, contact rating: 0.5 amps at 30 VAC or 30 VDC maximum
Fire switch outputs Output for initiating power supply
Weld to displacement (power supply cutoff) output 30 VAC or VDC 0.5 amps, optically isolated solid state relays
Valve output 0.5 amp at 24 VDC
Emergency stop Input for customer supplied E-stop switch
Force output Analog output proportional to force of last weld when requested with RS-232 command.
Position output Quadrature output
RS 232 Schedule read/write, status read, data output
Dimensions L x W X H (Control) 407 mm x 222 mm x 234 mm (16 in x 8.75 in x 9.2 in)
Weight (Control) 8,4 kg (18.5 lb)
Dimensions L x W X H (Weld head) 138 mm x 65.5 mm x 356 mm (5.4 in x 2.6 in x 14 in)
Weight (Weld head) 3.6 kg (8.1 lb)
Squib weld
Wire to electrode
Electronic components
Hearing aids
Fine wires
Medical devices

Customized Solutions

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