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In simple terms, an electronic display is a transducer. In other words, it takes an electrical signal and converts it  into light in a recognisable format. Displays are found almost everywhere in today's world and are evident in televisions, computers, mobile devices, automobiles, home appliances, and billboards to name but a few applications. There are various types of displays, such as LCD, LED, PDP, TFT, and OLED, which are used in a variety of applications in everyday items, as well as specialist applications in more demanding environments which may include military or defence equipment.

AMADA WELD TECH offers engineered solutions for the production of ACF bonded displays, reflow soldering of components for webcams, heat sealing of flexible circuits to PCBs and connecting glass to PCBs.

A typical application may require a flexible circuit to be bonded both electrically and mechanically to a glass display. We offer equipment and systems to accommodate the manufacture and repair of display panels measuring up to 60".

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