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Jupiter Resistance Welding System for battery module welding

Our Jupiter Resistance Welding system for battery pack welding is a semi-automatic production system for welding high-quality battery modules for automotive applications (and other applications like power tools, aerospace and military battery modules, etc.). Using a parallel gap joint for welding battery tabs to batteries, the weld heads create repeatable and reliable joints. Equipped with a motorized high-precision XY system for parts movement, the system offers maximum flexibility.



Specifications Jupiter Resistance Welding System for battery module welding

  • Weld process control by AWS3 - Advanced Welding System
  • Multiplexed weld heads for increased output
  • Optional pneumatic or motorized actuated weld heads
  • Motorized XY system for parts movement
  • Optional spring module for welding difficult materials (like copper battery tabs)
  • Barcode scanner for part identification
  • Integrated weld fume extraction
  • Integrated Combustion Suppression Unit (CSU) for optimized safety
  • Data logging
  • MES communication
  • PLC control

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