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Drawn Arc Welding

Drawn arc welding is a form of arc welding where the track bolt is joined using an arc. This method is also used with electrode welding. Depending on the diameter, the welding time varies from 0.1 s – 1.5 s.       

In contrast to capacitor discharge, the weld needs to be shielded from oxygen, preferably by using a ceramic ring or shielding gas.         

Drawn Arc Welding is suitable for the following applications:

  • Track bolts from M6 through M24
  • Track bolts diameters from 6 mm to 25 mm
  • Isolation pins from 3 mm
  • Concrete anchors (dowels) to 25 mm
  • Heat-resistant anchors

The track bolt is pushed into a bolt holder in the welding gun. At the front of the pistol, a ceramic ring is placed around the bolt which is then placed into the correct welding position.

The welding signal is sent and the magnetic coil in the gun lifts the bolt in the ceramic ring. An arc is drawn and then the bolt is pushed into the weld, depending on the preset time. Approximately 3 mm of material is welded from the bolt, which forms a welding collar within the ceramic ring around the bolt. The ceramic ring can then be removed, and the welding is completed.

Drawn Arc Welding is applied in many industries such as shipbuilding, bridge building and plating.