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Green Laser Welding

Our MIYACHI Green Laser Welder is designed to weld copper, gold and other materials with high reflectance.     

Welding copper and other materials with high reflectance is a difficult task and micro-welding presents an even greater challenge. Laser welding offers a useful method for joining and provides a non-contact process that is highly suited for automation. However, the reflectivity of copper, gold and other materials at the 1064 nm wavelength has always been a barrier to implementing laser welding. By using a 532 nm green Nd:YAG laser welder this barrier has been removed and it offers a viable method for micro-welding copper and other conductive materials in high volumes.

Green Laser Welding is a unique solution thanks to its wavelength of 532 nm, its flexible use of small fibers and its considerably changed resonator design.

Green Laser Welding video

Green Laser Welding Benefits:

  • For solder-less joining of semiconductor substrate.
  • SHG laser can weld copper wire directly onto a semiconductor substrate without using solder.
  • Combination of YAG fundamental laser and SHG laser enables thick copper plates to be welded, which is difficult to do by conventional methods.
  • SHG laser is the best solution for welding copper and gold.
  • Copper and gold are materials with high reflectance and are considered to be materials that are hard to weld.
  • The SHG laser has a wavelength of 532 nm which is a half that of a fundamental laser (1064 nm). This makes laser absorbance in copper and gold 4.5 to 20 times higher than with a fundamental laser.
  • Even copper and gold do not reflect the SHG laser.

Green Laser Welding Applications

Green laser welding with a wavelength of 532 nm is suitable for welding gold wire to pad, welding silver-plated copper wire, welding gold plated copper wire and many other applications that involve joining highly reflective materials..

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