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Thermo-plane Thermodes

The Thermode (Hot bar), which is at the heart of each bonding system, has been specially designed by AMADA WELD TECH for a range of applications. Since each customer application demands its own specific requirements, AMADA WELD TECH offers a complete range of pulsed-heat thermodes (Hot bars).The MIYACHI EAPRO thermode design offers ultra-fast heating and cooling cycles and hence minimises process times.  Forced air-cooling after the heating process further speeds the total bonding process. The thermode is designed to maintain co-planarity and withstand the deformation that results from the high forces that may be necessary in some bonding processes. The Thermo-plane Thermode eliminates voltage drop as current flows through the thermode from front-to-back instead of from left-to-right, preventing damage to the parts when soldering.


Key features Thermo-plane Thermodes

  • Fast heating and forced air cooling for minimum process cycle times
  • Robust 3-dimensional design for high force applications and perfect bond planarity
  • Adapter block (QCB) for easy and fast exchange of thermodes without re-adjustment
  • 3-D design eliminates voltage drop on products
Dimensions Length / Width QCB-TypeTC-TypeSpecify Thermode for order purpose
5 - 50 mm / <3 69Q0016K-TypeWidth x Length {mm} / custom design
Dimensions Length / Width QCB-TypeTypeSpecify Thermode for order purpose
1 - 50 mm / < 4 mm 69Q0001/69Q0015K-typeWidth x Length [mm}
51 - 100 mm / < 4 mm 69Q0002K-TypeWidth x Length [mm]
101 - 150 mm / < 4 mm 69Q0003K-typeWidth x Length [mm]
Dome shape TypeSpecify for design purposeSpecify for design purpose
Circle or square K-TypeDome size (length x Height x Diameter ) + materialRequired dome shape after heatstake
Custom K-TypeDome size (Length x Height x Diameter) + materialRequired dome shape after heatstake
2-D Thermode application wire soldering
3-D Thermo-plane thermode application Flex soldering
3-D Thermo-plane thermode application leadframe soldering
Heat stake thermode application mobile phone heat staking

Customized Solutions

Send your sample to one of our technology centers in Europe for an evaluation. We will then determine which solution meets your needs best. AMADA WELD TECH offers feasibility testing and application consulting.