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AWS3 - Servo Motorised

The AWS3 - Servo Motorised version combines the ISQ inverter power supply with our MFP motorised weld heads, motorised weld pincers or compacting units, all in one unique system. It offers high stiffness, exact position control of the electrode and can handle high speeds.

The basic version includes static monitoring, Ethernet communication, force and speed control, force or displacement measurement and has remote service capabilities.
The combination of these essential elements has turned the AWS3 - Servo Motorised into a premium system that enables parameters to be set quickly and precisely.

The AWS3 - Servo Motorised advanced version has additional dynamic process monitoring and offers graphical waveform, SPC, and CAN open, profibus or Ethernet/IP options.

Key features AWS3 - Servo Motorised

  • High stiffness
  • High speed
  • Electrode impact sensitivity
  • Electrode position control
  • Cleanroom-proof
  • User-friendly operating panel with single knob push/turn operation or touch screen
Criteria AWS3 servo motorised - BasicAWS3 servo motorised - Advanced
Features .
Graphical waveform X
Process monitoring staticstatic, dynamic
Data logging X
Communication .
Digital I/O XX
RS 232 XX
Ethernet TCP/IP XX
Modbus TCP X
Profibus or Ethernet IP Optional
Two separate weld heads Second motor control requiredSecond motor control required
Dual weld head series, step Second motor control requiredSecond motor control required
Force control XX
Force monitoring XX
Displacement monitoring XX
Hardware .
Operating panel Operating panel OP-AWS3 or Touch screen TP-AWS3Operating panel OP-AWS3 or Touch screen TP-AWS3
Motor control MFP-NC-AWS3 MFP-NC-AWS3
Weld heads MFP25, MFP60, newhorizon™ servo motorised weld heads MFP400, MFP800MFP25, MFP60, newhorizon™ servo motorised weld heads MFP400, MFP800
Weld pincers newhorizon™ weld pincers MFP400-Z or MFP800-Znewhorizon™ weld pincers MFP400-Z or MFP800-Z
Compacting modules C16, C25 and C70C16, C25 and C70
Welding control DC ISQ20-3, -6, -10 or -20 ISQ20-3, -6, -10 or -20
Welding control AC ISQ20-8ISQ20-8

Customized Solutions

Send your sample to one of our technology centers in Europe for an evaluation. We will then determine which solution meets your needs best. AMADA WELD TECH offers feasibility testing and application consulting.