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MM-L300A - Laser Weld Monitor

New compact monitor for process development and quality control

The MM-L300A laser weld monitor helps to ensure weld quality and maintain high throughput by providing realtime feedback during the laser welding process to ensure weld success. MM-L300A works by detecting and recording a thermal signal from the area of laser interaction during the welding process. The SU-N300A thermal sensor samples the signal and provides an output waveform around which envelope limits can be set.


Key features MM-L300A - Laser Weld Monitor

  • The MM-L300A can detect the following production errors: 
    • Gap between parts
    • Missing part
    • Out of focus
    • Absence of cover gas
  • High temporal resolution (down to 1 µs) with a dedicated sensor, enables monitoring of both CW and pulsed lasers
  • Envelopes allow real-time comparison and detection of good and bad welds
  • Light weight, compact design reduces set-up space when integrating into production lines
  • Sensor can be mounted either on the optical axis of the laser or off-axis
  • Easy and intuitive operation


MM-L300A Controller .
Input power requirements Single phase, 90 – 250 VAC 50/60 Hz
Interface 15 pin D-sub, Ethernet (RJ-45)
Channel 1
Temporal resolution Min: 1 μs
Judgement function: Analysis Waveform
Judgement function: Judgement Upper and lower limit
Operational temperature range 0 – 40° C (non-condensing)
Operational humidity range
SU-N300A sensor .
Monitoring area Working distance approx. 200 mm, Signal detection diameter - about ø 2 mm
Guide light Green LED
Monitoring wavelengths 1,300 – 2,500 nm
Operational temperature range 5 – 50°C (non-condensing)
Operational humidity range
Protection level IP64 with connector
MM-L300A without connector dimensions (LxWxH) 243 mm x 230 mm x 89 mm (9.6 in x 9.1 in x 3.5 in)
MM-L300A without connector weight 3.0 kg (6.6 lb)
Sensor without connector dimensions (LxWxH) 35 mm x 50 mm x 96 mm(1.4 in x 2 in x 3.8 in)
Sensor without connector weight 0.2 kg (0.44 lb)
Seam weld example
Spot weld example

Customized Solutions

Send your sample to one of our technology centers in Europe for an evaluation. We will then determine which solution meets your needs best. AMADA WELD TECH offers feasibility testing and application consulting.